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Back to Grace by Earthschool Harmony is once again available to purchase globally online from a variety of well known sources such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple as either an e book or print version.

 For those locally in Byron Bay copies are available at Soulife books.

Please note:

This book was reprinted in December 2018 to include 11 new poems. The 2014 edition is no longer available.

Back To Grace by Earthschool Harmony is a collection of 79 illuminating spiritual poems. It is a perfect collection for those on a healing journey or as a gift to a loved one. Each poem can be read as a meditation or perhaps used as a modality towards spiritual awakening and transcendence.

Inspired by the healing energy of Byron Bay in Australia, each poem whispers of the power of love, inviting the reader to reflect on the deepest longings of the heart and to search for the divine light within, bringing you ultimately, back to Source.

Back to Grace represents the authors own personal journey of awakening and carries with it an essence of healing, love and light that nourishes the soul. This poetry book is a beautiful offering of scribed soul food.

The author, Earthschool Harmony is a 3rd generation poet who has been influenced by the wisdom of  poets, sages, saints and mystics such as Rumi, Kabir, Hafiz, Lalla and Mirabai. She has gathered sacred words of healing, love and light along her path as truth seeker,, NDE survivor, pilgrim, light worker/energy healer, Mother, Community volunteer and philanthropist and, has woven these words into this beautiful anthology.

Blessed Be.

I would greatly appreciate any reviews you wish to leave on my book from your online purchases such as Amazon etc.

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Many thanks and Blessings for your support!

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