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Quotes Thank you so much for Back to Grace. The presentation was beautiful -- the wrapping, the ribbon and the warm parchment rust colors of the cover! When I opened the pages, I could feel all the love that you have poured into this book and I'm grateful to you for your gift of the heart. THANK YOU! May the angels on high bring blessings and love to you in the years ahead. Quotes
Denise Linn
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Quotes Back to Grace is a collection of spiritual poems (both rhyming and free verse) that resonate with themes of peace, journey, and looking beyond the earthly body to the spirit. The author doesn't introduce the poems or give context to them, which allows you to interpret the meaning on your own. If you're more religious, you can easily find meaning in many of them; if you're not religious, you can approach them from more of a spiritual inspiration standpoint. As a reader, I liked this freedom to think deeply about what the poems meant to me. While the language used to craft the poems is lyrical and lovely, the verses evoke feelings more than an intellectual need to parse specific lines and phrases. I would recommend 'Back to Grace' to readers who are looking for gentle poems of peace and inspiration that also deal with the topic of spirituality. I would probably enjoy these poems daily as a positive start to each morning. Quotes
Erica Freidlander

Quotes I found your book to be a joy to read. I am sure I will read it over and over Quotes
Carla Segal
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Quotes Such beautiful and insightful words. I love this! Quotes
Toni Heming
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Quotes I recently purchased this beautiful book and gave it to a dear friend as her birthday present. After just one evening reading it, I received a beautiful message from her. She tells me that it is so inspiring and brings her a sense of peace and connection to the Divine. A loving gentle reminder that we are always one, never apart. Quotes
Anon via FB page Earthschool Harmony
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Quotes An absolutely beautiful book. Highly recommended. Quotes
H Payne-Kumar
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Quotes Back to Grace is an anthology of spiritual poems that reflect the whisperings of the soul as we journey with the author through her personal 'awakening' experience. Her words resonated deeply, stirring the senses of my own heart. Each poem is short and concise with sentiments to be savoured on a daily basis. A must read for all who are travelling the path to the realisation of their own joy and ultimate spiritual fulfilment. Quotes
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