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Mindfulness and impermanence

Spirit has been whispering to me again.

She has been calling to me in birdsong, in the tinkling waters of the streams as they journey into waterfalls and, the gentlest of all whispers falling from within the swaying leaf song of the tallest trees.

She shared with me the lessons of ‘last moments’, reminding me to be aware. Those precious times we didn’t realize were the last of their kind with loved ones. The last cups of tea shared, the last deep conversation, the last hugs and the last wave goodbye.

She spoke to me clearly today as my wet waterfall footprint faded into light, the midday dry rock taking it into its sun warmth depth and the summer air drinking in its share. She spoke of gratitude and reverence, to always be aware of the grace of moments as they slip from one to the next with some, cloaked in the illusion of permanence.

May we remember our impermanence whilst here in this earthly form and, may love imbibe each moment.

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